An assassin's journey


"Pass it on" and win up to 500$

Some of our books have a special code and message! If you've happened upon one such book, then you may participate in our 'Pass it on' challenge!

The goal is to share our book around the world! And in the process, YOU can win a cash prize!

Register here, using the special code and you may be eligible to win a prize!

No purchase necessary.

To be eligible;

Register, then contact us using the ‘Contact Form’ on our web site and provide;

- The special code

- Your username (the one you've registered with)

- Your full real name

- Your full address

If by any chance you get your hands on one of those special books and you were already registered on our web site, simply send us a message with your information using the ‘Contact Form’.

Once you've read the book, perhaps give it to someone as a gift, or leave it somewhere for someone to find and let the challenge continue and the book, 'Passed on'!

Perhaps purchase the book for a friend, or for another chance to have a code!

Once one of the specially marked books reaches 100, 250 and 500 passes, we will randomly pick a registered user, for that specific special code and give a prize of 100$, 250$ and 500$ respectively. The money will be delivered via ‘Paypal’

Only one registration per IP address or per physical address is allowed.

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