An assassin's journey


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Kellia Heart is now available

Our third comic is now available.
Don't miss the adventure of Kellia Heart in a modern world like our own and see how she fares as a police officer in Atlanta.
Thanks to all our supporters and we hope you enjoy reading all our comics.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

This year's been slow for Saina, but pretty fast for Keyfay. Our artists are working hard to keep this comic going and any support, comments, or donations are always welcomed.

Urielman will take a break after Saina Heart - Issue #4, and we hope he will eventually return to us and continue the comic, but as much as his own work takes over, he will finish Issue #4 at his own pace before taking that break. Donations and support towards the comic would help in that matter so we encourage you all to voice your appreciation of the comic to motivate an early return.

Server Migration

Hello everyone, as some may know, our server is being migrated to a new environment. Our sites were down for a few days and we are now back up and fully operational.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any issues this may have caused you. If you received or should receive e-mails you aren't supposed to in the few days to come, please tell us immediately as our mailing system is being tested.
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